The Floating Cinema

130724_FloatingCinema_001_3 high res During summer 2014, The Floating Cinema presented ‘Extra International’ : over 40 events, including ‘Open Air Weekenders’ at various locations across London, on-board and outdoor film screenings, floating tours, talks, music and workshops for all ages as...

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Upcoming Park Projects and Commissions

fun-palace Fun Palace The Legacy List is supporting an initiative to realise Joan Littlewood and Cedric Price’s Fun Palace. The Palace was conceived as an experimental model of engaging people, where spaces remain flexible and not...

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The Legacy Fund

THE LEGACY LIST - New strapline 1 The Legacy Fund has been created to help inspirational individuals look for a foothold in the creative industries and help existing businesses that wish to expand or diversify.   This project will provide seed investment...

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Source Code

THE LEGACY LIST - New strapline 1 Source Code is a new project in development that aims to open up new options and career paths in information technology to young people in east London. Source Code will support young people to develop...

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